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2553. Samantha Stephenson

Samantha Stephenson is the vocalist and lyricist half of the group Frenchy and the Punk, which she created with musician Scott Helland.

She met guitarist and drummer Scott Helland in 1998, and while they began collaborating on a number of artistic projects, it would be 2005 before they actually performed together. During one of Scott's solo performances, Samantha jumped onstage, grabbed a tambourine and accompanied him for the rest of the set. After that night, they began collaborating on music projects combining Samantha's lyrics with Scott's music. They first called themselves Scott Helland and the Traveling Band of Gypsy Nomads then The Gypsy Nomads but later changed their name to Frenchy and the Punk, which they said fit their feel better as well as being a more literal interpretation of who they were.

Born in Lyon, France and then living in England, Samantha studied multiple forms of dance for twenty years, starting at the age of 4. She also studied piano, and voice, and took classes at the Arts Students League and the Academy of Design in New York City. Samantha learned to sew from her mother, who used to sew clothes for her as a child.

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