The Mission
The Steampunk Museum documents, preserves, and exhibits the many historical
and present facets of the growing and evolving steampunk community in order
to provide an informative and educational resource to visitors and researchers.

The Museum reaches out to the broader worldwide audience by sharing the stories
which can be told through the collection, the people, and the experiences.
Through the lens of steampunk, we can explore the connections between past and present,
tradition and behavior, and the world and ourselves in order to apply
the knowledge and lessons to create a better future.


Kevin Steil is the Executive Director and Curator of The Steampunk Museum.
He is also the creative force behind the steampunk news and resource website, Airship Ambassador. He brings the archival vision to the Museum along with more than twenty years of project management, public speaking, and writing experience.


Zandra Stratford is a graphic artist who has provided art direction and images for The Steampunk Museum.


James Ng

Alex Wisenhunt

Jordan Stratford

Diana Vick

Special Thanks

Mike Perschon
Cherie Priest
Gail Carriger
Erica Mulkey
Jake Von Slatt
Jaymee Goh
Diana Pho
Ashley Rogers
George Chandler
Jessica Walzer
Marcia Britton
Stephanie Gilbert
Heidi Smith
Daniel Proulx