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2352. Nautilus

by Mark Eliot Schwabe

The S P Nautilus is a framed, wall hanging sculpture with 4 moving parts: periscope, propeller, trim tab and trim tab control arm. The Nautilus itself is made primarily of pewter with brass, bronze and nickel silver. The frame, which is part of the piece, is steel, brass, wood & paper. The frame is approximately 12 x 8 inches [35 x 20cm]; the Nautilus is approximately 6 1/2 inches [17 cm] long.

The sculpture was made from raw metal stock using traditional metal smithing techniques. Among them: sawing, filing, grinding, chasing & repousse, soldering, welding & brazing. The frame was made from steel, brass, brass screws, hanging hardware and paper using traditional metal smithing techniques and using basic wood working techniques.

Steampunk promoter Bruce Rosenbaum asked Mark if he wanted to be part of a SteamPunk art show that was to be part of a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea interactive exhibit to be installed adjacent to the big football stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts.

The story, of course, is Jules Verne's classic tail of underwater adventure. To develop his own design of what the Nautilus should look like, Mark watched three films made from Verne's book. The two newer movies featured subs with great ramming armatures. All had a large viewing window, and a periscope and other usual submarine features. What he finally developed favored the version in the 1916 silent film, but also borrowed from the others and included his own touches.

The piece was completed in time and was included in the exhibit, formally titled: "Nemo's Steampunk Art & Invention Gallery" located at Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA in 2010.

The piece also made an appearance at Steamcon III 2011 (which had a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea theme) and in New York City at the Steampunkinetics show (AFA Gallery) in 2012.

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