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2351. Military Airship

by Mark Eliot Schwabe

The Military Airship brooch is all metal and measures approximately 3 inches (7.7 cm) in length. It features 7 moving parts: 2 cannon barrels, 2 cannon mounts, the cannon control arm, and 2 counter rotating propellers.

This brooch was made using traditional jewelry & metal smithing techniques. Among them: sawing, filing, grinding, turning (as on a lathe, but using a hand held machine), soldering & welding. It was made entirely from raw metal stock (except the bar pin back). Metals used: pewter, brass, copper & nickel silver. No found objects were used in the making of this piece.

This brooch was part of the 2012 Steampunkinetics exhibit at the AFA gallery, New York City, New York.

It was only in the early stages of construction when steampunk promotor Bruce Rosenbaum came to visit Mark's studio after invited him to show two sculptures in the Steampunkinetics show. Bruce saw an unfinished Time Machine brooch and wanted to include it in the show, but it wouldn't be ready in time. Alternately, Mark showed him this brooch which was not much more than an oval piece of metal at the time, but it was a suitable size. Mark suggested it could be made into a military vessel with moving canons and more, which Bruce readily accepted.

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