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2350. Warrior Princess Nancy

by Mark Eliot Schwabe

The Warrior Princess Nancy of the House of Aline is a small scale sculpture made mostly of pewter. Weapons & details are mostly brass with some copper. The metal base under her feet is also pewter. It sits atop a block of black Vermont granite. The handgun & dagger are removable. The sculpture measures a modest 6 7/8 inches (17.6 cm) from the bottom of the base to the top of her top hat, and only 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) from the bottom of her feet to the top of her top hat.

The sculpture began with pewter castings of parts of two earlier works. The figure was adapted from the figure in the earlier work, "Walking with a Friend;" the base was adapted from one Mark had made for his Mountain Muse series. The modifications to the figure were extensive. Mark created her clothing, weapons and details from raw metal stock.

Throughout, traditional metal smithing techniques were used. Among them: sawing, filing, grinding, turning (as on a lathe, but using a hand held machine), soldering & welding. Photographs showing the step by step creation of this sculpture, in three parts, may be found on SteamSmiths Facebook Fan Page.

It is not by accident that this heroic sculpture is made in the likeness of the artists' sweetheart, Nancy (aka Princess Nancy of the House of Aline).

The story of the Warrior Princess Nancy of the House of Aline sculpture is the story of the relationship between The Smith (specifically, SteamSmith aka Mark Eliot Schwabe) and the woman to whom he is completely devoted. It is a tale of service and of the pursuit of excellence. The Smith, you see, is a man of considerable skill at the making of things, all sorts of things. He has pledged to use those skills in the furtherance of the needs of his homeland, The Principality, and to its royal family that so faithfully rules; the House of Aline. Particularly important to The House, is the fleet of airships, both civil and military that SteamSmith has designed and constructed to meet their needs.

The Warrior Princess Nancy Aline is the most recent in a long line of royal leaders. The house of Aline has produced the rulers of The Principality for more generations than anyone can remember. The longevity of their rule is commonly attributed to both their benevolence towards their subjects and to the fierceness with which they protect the boarders.

The Principality is wealthy in all attributes of consequence. Natural resources, technological development & sophistication, and a population that is reasoned, remarkably intelligent, hard working and fond of amusement. Despite its wealth, no invader has ever been successful in breeching its borders, though, over the generations, many have tried.

There is no argument that the successful defense of The Principality is due to anything other than the ruling family. Members of the house have shown themselves to be resourceful, courageous and fierce in battle. Their selfless defense of the boarders, aided by a willing and equally resourceful population, continues to secure The Principality and the rule of the House of Aline.

Princess Nancy Aline has recently ascended to the throne and is now the reigning monarch of the Principality. The responsibility of leading armies has fallen to younger members of the Royal family.

This sculpture depicts The Princess at the hight of her prowess as a leader of armies. All parts of this signed sculpture were hand made by Mark.

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