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2497. Ave Rose

Ave Rose was one of ten contestants on the first season of GSN's steampunk reality game show, Steampunk'd. She is also an artist, publisher, maker, actor, singer, and dancer.

Part of her artwork includes the Watchbot World Collection, a magical, miniature, realm of clockwork. Watchbots are miniature robots made of watch parts. Ave's Fantasy Macabre Collection is a style of assemblage that embodies romantic fantasies, darkness and sometimes a hint of satire, using a combination of taxidermy, dolls, gemstones, and flowers in artistic pieces that are often mechanically animated.

Ave spent most of her youth writing, dancing, and singing, and did many performances on stage as a broadway and opera singer in her college years. After college, Ave took a break from singing and started a publishing company called Ink Pen Mutations Press. Ink Pen Mutations Press creates underground illustrated stories of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, detective, street poetics and photography.

She has written a zombie book series under the pen name of Wynter, as well as several other books. She has also modeled for many years and has been featured in several magazines, art books and calendars.

Ave is Filipina-Caucasian, born in the Philippines but raised in southern California.

Photo by Karen Hsaio

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