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2477. Steampunk'd

Steampunk'd is the first steampunk reality show to broadcast on cable television. The show was executive produced by Kimberly and John Ehrhard of Pink Sneakers Productions,and Jennifer J. Duncan. It was broadcast by GSN, the Game Show Network. Kevin Steil served as the steampunk consultant during the development phase, and Thomas Willeford during the production phase.

The show followed similar design reality competition shows, but pitted two teams, which changed each episode, against each other in challenges to create items for a steampunk house. At the end of each episode, the winning team's room was placed into a life sized doll house structure.

The premiere season included:
Jeannie Mai

Matt King
Thomas Willeford

Ave Rose
Charles Mason
Ed Thayer
James Neathery
Josh Kinsey
Karianne Gottschalk
Morgan Olsen
Niki Phillips
Tayliss Forge
Tobias McCurry

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