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1292. The High Priestess
by 1289. Aly Fell

Barbara Moore says of this card in the Steampunk Tarot:

The High Priestess was the first image that Aly painted and remains one of my favorites. The High Priestess is a card that always looked a bit smug and aloof to me. She was always so distant and seemed to say "I know the answers that you seek but I'm not telling you." In many ways, this makes sense for the meaning of the card, since it is about knowledge that you know in some deep way but is not yet conscious. It becomes conscious through experience. The High Priestess sits at the entrance to the initiatory experience. You go into not knowing what to expect and come out changed, enlightened.

I wanted our High Priestess to be more approachable but still mysterious. The crystal ball represents the idea of seeking information. The cards are face down on the table, meaning that you haven't yet experienced everything you need to in order to learn what you seek. The slight shift in perspective lets the viewer feel that they have just approached her table and are considering the ramifications of sitting down with her. The advice here: Don't ask if you don't want to know!

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