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1291. Eight of Pentacles
by 1289. Aly Fell

Barbara Moore says of this card in the Steampunk Tarot:

The 8 of Pentacles has always been a special card to me. It indicates a quest for mastery, a journey of doing things over and over in order to find ways to improve either quality or efficiency. I also like how this image ties in with the DYI sensibility of the Steampunk Community, as well as the archetype of the inventor and craftsperson, always seeking perfection.

In designing the image for the Steampunk Tarot, it was with this card that Aly and I learned something important, something that should have been self-evident. Steampunk usually includes a sense of drama, a feeling of being in an epic moment. Many of the original Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot images (upon which the Steampunk Tarot is based) are very flat. By changing the perspective of this scene, we added a greater sense of drama.

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