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1172. Art Donovan

Art Donovan is a noted artist, author, curator and lecturer.

As owner of Donovan Design Co., along with his wife and partner, designer Leslie Tarbell Donovan, and as full time artist and designer in NYC, he produces unique & custom lighting and illuminated sculpture for all residential and commercial applications. His designs often include Middle Eastern influences, iconography, astrology, and science.

Donovan's illuminated sculptures are featured in the following books:
"The Art of Steampunk" First and Second Editions. (Art Donovan, Author)
"Lighting 2000" (Anne J.Taylor, author)
"1000 Steampunk Creations" (Joe Marsocci, author)
"The Steampunk Bible" (Jeff VanderMeer, author)
"The Steampunk Gazzette U.K. " (John Naylor, Author)
"Steampunk Korea- Victorian Futurism" (Art Donovan, Author)
"The Steampunk User's Manual" (Jeff VanderMeer + S.J. Chambers)

He has also appeared on the History Channels' "Modern Marvels- Weird Machines" as the episode's Steampunk expert and served as consultant to the producer in the selection process of the artists.

Art has been selected as Senior Design Consultant for Bruce Boxlietner's pending television series, "Lantern City"

Art produced and curated the world's first museum exhibition of Steampunk art for the Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford, UK. This show, which opened on Oct 13, 2009 was the most highly attended exhibition in the museum's history.

During that exhibition, he lectured extensively at Oxford University detailing the origins and aesthetic foundations of the genre in addition to being featured in many BBC news broadcasts and UK newspaper interviews.

In 2014 Art served as official Cultural Ambassador and Exhibition Supervisor for Asia's first exhibition of Steampunk art for the Hangaram Design Museum at the Seoul Art Center IDA- South Korea's' largest cultural complex. This exhibit displayed the art of 31global artists and proved to be one of the most popular exhibitions in South Korea.

Art is the author of The Art of Steampunk, the comprehensive museum journals of the historic, first exhibition of Steampunk held at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford UK, 2009-2010. These image-heavy books feature the art and design of 25 of the most notable artists of the genre, hailing from 11 countries. This exhibition, considered by many as the high watermark of the style, casts a wide net to include the many disciplines that engage Steampunk artists, such as sculpture, digital devices, painting, digital imaging, fashion, lighting, horology, leather work and antique mechanical engines. 'The Art of Steampunk' spent 13 weeks at #1 in Amazons' 'Pop Art' book category.

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