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1101. Desert Shadows
by Myke Amend

This is the fifth painting in the strange-fiction steampunk art series “Airships and Tentacles” wherein the works of, concepts of, and influences from Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft intermingle.

This piece leans a lot more toward Myke's older surreal style, with some elements of older paintings hidden within the sands, such as a sand-storm buried nautilus, and strange shells woven into the stone.

The somewhat serene piece is offset and accented by a very active lightning field in the distant background – cages on chains float like balloons on the horizon, a strange sphynx guards the pass, and shadows become starry skies.

There are many more hidden details within this piece. This is an image which can be revisited many times to find new and equally strange things within.

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