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1001. Kevin Steil

a.k.a Airship Ambassador

Kevin Steil is the Executive Director and Curator of The Steampunk Museum, created in April, 2012. As his personal project, he wants to document and share the vast amount of information about steampunk in all of its forms and facets. While steampunk began as literature, a community of enthusiasts has formed and expresses itself in many ways - art, music, fashion, philosophy, and even politics, among others. Kevin's goal for the museum is to create an online digital experience for everyone within and without the community to read, research, and learn about steampunk, its history and its present, as well as how it is evolving.

He is the creator and editor for the steampunk news and resource website and blog, Airship Ambassador. He began Airship Ambassador in April, 2010, with a blog containing philosophical essays, convention reviews, and most notably, inteviews with authors, artists, musicians and more from the steampunk community. The blog quickly grew into a website in August, 2010, becoming known for its news feed, convention and event listings, local group and resource web links, and a media and artwork gallery. This further led to AATV, The Steampunk Channel, on YouTube which displays a playlist of videos covering music, books, events and more.

Kevin is the creator of the annual global blogathon 'Steampunk Hands Around the World'. The event brings together writers, artists, musicians, designers, event planners, and more in a forum to show and share the inspired and inspirational facets of the global steampunk community with everyone.

Kevin has been a guest and speaker at several steampunk conventions, presenting interviews, and panel discussions about the community, books, movies, and more. He has also participated in Vintage Tomorrows, a book by futurist Brian David Johnson and cultural historian James Carrott, as well as the documentary film by Byrd MacDonald.

He has also written the foreward for a steampunk anthology, Steam-Powered II: Lesbian Steampunk Stories, edited by Joselle Vanderhooft. He contributed content for Steampunk for Simpletons by Travis Sivart.

Kevin served as the steampunk consultant for the first steampunk reality competition game show, Steampunk'd, during the development phase. The show was produced by Pink Sneakers Productions, cast by Pop Magnet, and broadcast by GSN, the Game Show Network.

In 2015, Mad Raven Productions created an Airship Ambassador expansion set for the steampunk card game, Twisted Skies.


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