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2030. Paulo Cesar Ramirez

a.k.a N. Inmunsapa'

Writer, analyst and promoter of Retrofuturism, Paulo Cesar Ramirez is the founder and General Coordinator of Mercenarios de DIOS, a collective which groups artists from different disciplines to work on common projects. Notable among those is "El Investigador", being the first monthly magazine about Retrofuturism in Mexico. Several issues have been translated from Spanish to English thanks to the project "El Investigador International" of which he is also General Director.

Paulo got involved in Steampunk in 2010 when he began to write his story titled 1875: Reward, some of which can be read in El Investigador.

One of his main interests has been the promotion of Steampunk, as well as analyze it, as a retrofuturistic aesthetic applied to cultural movement trough different branches, such as literature, joining Josue' Ramos in the anthologies Acronos and Planes B.

In June 2011, Paulo was part of the panel in the Steampunk presentation during the Third Festival of Literature and Comic: Cronopia, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Currently, he is contributing as a promoter and investigator alongside members of other steampunk communities in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela, among others.

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