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2311. Tai Chi Hero

Directed by Stephen Fung
Written by Kuo-fu Chen
Starring Yuan Xiaochao as Yang Lu Chan
Starring Angelababy as Chen Yunia
Starring Eddie Peng as Fang Zijing
Starring Tony Leung Ka Fai as Master Chen

Yang Lu Chan (Yuan Xiao Chao) marries Yu Niang (Angelababy, the daughter of Grandmaster Chen. As her husband, Lu Chan becomes part of the village and is able to continue his study of the Chen style kung fu. Zai Yang (Feng Shao Feng), Yu Niang's elder brother, returns and causes the expulsion of Lu Chan, again. Zi Jing (Eddie Peng) also returns to the village, with a new plan to destroy the village and construct the railroad.

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