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2119. European Steampunk Convention

The European Steampunk Convention is a pan-European steampunk event, connecting the community across a continent. The first instalment took place on the 29th and 30th of 2012, with over a dozen events from Porto to Prague and from Stockholm to Zagreb. Spain alone was host to three events: Madrid,Barcelona, and Galicia.

The idea of the European Steampunk Convention was formed during a Twitter conversation between Israeli author Lavie Tidhar, of The Bookman Chronicles, and Marcus Rauchfuss of the Traveler's Steampunk Blog. Lavie suggested Europe needed a major steampunk event as ocurring elsewhere in the world and Marcus took up the challenge and began a quest to make it a reality.

From there, it grew organically and virally. After a first announcement on Twitter and Facebook, interested steampunks from all over Europe responded almost immediately. The word continued to spread and several bands from Europe and beyond signalled their interest in performing at one of the events. This led to the need to raise some funds and an IndieGoGo campaign was started and advertised but ultimately failed to raise enough money to hire a band. This proved unnecessary in the end, as both BB Black Dog and Victor Sierra either organised their own party or played anyway.

The event itself was quite successful. Both Barcelona and Porto streamed their events live on the internet and Vienna served as the hub for the twitterchat and the Google Hangout, although the latter proved unstable.

Photos were shared on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes mere hours after the parties ended, videos and whole galleries went up on the official Facebook page.

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