Time Traveler Insignia Brooch Pin

Time Traveler Insignia Brooch Pin
Time Traveler Insignia Brooch Pin Time Traveler Insignia Brooch Pin Time Traveler Insignia Brooch Pin
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This brooch is perfect for those with imagination, a sense of style and an interest in Time Travel.

The hourglass represents time, the wing motif - travel. 

If you enjoy Steampunk, Sci-Fi, or spend your days traveling through time (don’t we all?), this is for you.  

The amusing story below tells about how this piece was “found”.

This brooch pin is made of pewter and brass; it is about 2 inches (5 cm) long.  The artists signature & © are on the back.

This product is available only for the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

$8.00 shipping within the US, $25.00 to other noted countries.

The Steampunk Museum is an authorized retailer of Mark Eliot Schwabe, SteamSmith designs.

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Finding the Time Traveler Insignia

An extraordinary artifact was discovered in the ruins of a farm structure in the rural lands to the South.  The structure met its demise in a manor unexplainable by authorities.  After hearing about the event, Professor Maurice Jenkins, renowned tinkerer and reputed genius, set about to explore the ruins.

Little is known about the scope of the project, or the particulars of what Jenkins uncovered.  What is known is that one artifact has been put up for sale; an emblem of curious design.  The professor has said very little about the significance of the object, but others have offered their opinions.

Horatio Egbert Wallace PhD, offered this:  "There are time travelers among us.  Beings from worlds too complex for our understanding that come here for a time, and then leave.  Weather it is that they come to observe us, to help us, or if they are simply hear on holiday - there is no denying that they are here.  To recognize each other they ware certain symbols, insignias if you will, jewelry actually.  I believe that what Jenkins has found is one of these insignias."

Others offer different opinions.  On the subject, Jenkins is mute.

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