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2307. El Investigador

By Paulo Cesar Ramirez
and Araceli Rodriguez

El Investigador is a publication online retrofuturism themed made in Mexico, which began in March 2011 and launches promptly on the first day of each month.

With its new and interesting format, it can be read online or downloaded for free in PDF. Inside its pages, readers can find interviews and reviews of artists from the world wide steampunk scene, fiction stories, movies, books and videogames, along with historic, informative, and opinion articles.

There are also translations of other articles from other publications, such as Steampunk Magazine, The Gatehouse Gazette and The Cogwheel Magazine.

In February 2012, the production team launched its first translation of issues into English as part of El Investigador International. The initial translated releases includ issues # and #2 translated directly, and a revised edition of #3 with some articles never published before.

Layout designed by Alejandro Perez Cobos a.k.a. Xpike and edited by Araceli Rodriguez a.k.a. Von Marmalade.
El Investigador is produced by the independent art group Mercenarios de DIOS.

External Links
El Investigador #1, March 2011
El Investigador #2, April 2011
El Investigador #3, Verne/20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, May 2011
El Investigador #4, La Maquina del Tiempo/The War of the World, June 2011
El Investigador #5, Mundo Perdido/The Lost World, July 2011
El Investigador #6, El Eterno Prometeo/The Modern Prometheus, August 2011
El Investigador #7, Retrofuturismo MexicanoMexican Retrofuturism, September 2011
El Investigador #8, Steamgoth, October 2011
El Investigador #9, Analisis/Science, November 2011
El Investigador #10, DIY-Navidad/Retrofuturistic Christmas, December 2011
El Investigador #11, Pirates, January 2012
El Investigador #12, SteampunkPersona, February 2012
El Investigador #14, Wild Weird West, April 2012
El Investigador #16, Mundos Perdidos II: America Latina/The Lost World II: Latinamerica, June 2012
El Investigador #17, Noir, July 2012
El Investigador #18, Londres, August 2012
El Investigador #20, Gaslamp Fantasy, October 2012

El Investigador #1 - English
El Investigador #2 - English
El Investigador #3 - English

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