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2296. Alex Whisenhunt

Alex Whisenhunt is the director of the steampunk convention, Clockwork Con, marketing director for the steampunk gaming company, Cracked Monocle, Founder of the Tech Steampunk Society up at Texas Tech, and the Creator of the Texas Steampunk Facebook group. He has been an active participant in the steampunk community around Texas for the last 5 years and is constantly searching for new ways to be further involved and help develop the local steampunk following and it's members.

Clockwork Con held it first event in January of 2012 and was Austin, Texas' first steampunk convention and one of the largest steampunk focused conventions in Texas with over 600 attendees. While the event will not be returning in 2013, Alex has begun focusing on helping other steampunk events and conventions get off the ground and organized.

As the Marketing Director for Cracked Monocle, he can be found around the state and occasionally around the United States promoting their new tabletop steampunk RPG, Tephra.

When not working on something for the steampunk community, he can be found pursuing a Public Relations degree with a specialty in event planning at the University of Houston.

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