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2291. Exorcist
by James Ng

The undead of Eastern legends require more then physical punishment to be eradicated, an exorcist often performs spiritual rituals to acquire the favor of the gods to aid in the banishment of restless spirits.

The boastful exorcist barges into action on the back of his menacing steam powered leviathan, modeled after Xuan Wu the Black Tortoise, one of the four ancient Chinese divinities. Ascending the stairs on the back of the tortoise's neck, the exorcist performs a banishment ritual at the altar atop the head of his mount. A family of owls have heed the holy calling; they inhabit the tree that sprouted from the shell of the tortoise to house its young. Blessed scriptures, a golden bell and a Taoist mirror are employed to enfeeble the undead horde.

Criticized as being more of a showman than a holy man, this exorcist is loud, flamboyant and obnoxious. Members of the summoner circle question the excessiveness of his clumsy contraption if the exorcist's command over the spirits is well versed. Indeed, the tortoise causes havoc in the village it is hired to protect, trampling the crops and collapsing their homes, earning the exorcist the nickname of "Turtle Egg", a Chinese slang that means bastard. However, none question the efficacy in his combination of spiritual rituals and blatant brute force.

This image was the headline exhibition at Vancouver Convention 37 2012

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