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2283. Margaret Killjoy

a.k.a Magpie

Margaret Killjoy is mostly known in the community as the founder of Steampunk Magazine. He is a vegan, musician, photographer, itinerant creator, and activist, rarely spending more than a few months in one place at a time.

Margaret is also an anarchist. He believes that society would be better organized without hierarchically imposed authority, whether through "the State" or through capitalism, referring not to market economies, but a specific sort of market economy in which it's possible to make income by doing nothing (investing, property speculation, absentee landlordism, etc.)

After studing photography at Pratt Institute from 2000-2002, Margaret currently documents the beautiful earth, people trying to destroy said environment, folks resisting that destruction, and the interesting lifestyles of all of those people. Several photo books of his work have been published as well.

Music projects include accordion, gothic breakcore, battle techno, industrial/noise, green & black synthmetal, and darkwave/gothic.

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