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1009. Silver Goggles

By Jaymee Goh

Silver Goggles initially began as a side-project of Jha Goh, when she noticed she was writing a lot of posts on steampunk. Inspired by many other media-centered blogs such as Racialicious and The Hathor Legacy, it focuses specifically on steampunk media, whether film, art, or literature, but mostly literature. Silver Goggles takes a special interest in media made by, for, and/or about People of Colour.

The aim of Silver Goggles was to tease out narratives and tropes in steampunk media that either support or subvert the racist status quo brought in from the mainstream. In response to claims that "steampunk is anti-imperialism" and other similar reality-denying things, Silver Goggles zones in on the little things that make steampunk just another problematic fandom in order for steampunks to think through common practices and stereotypes and make things better.

When things didn't get noticeably better, the blog slowly shifted to become a placeholder for various things in grad school that Jha wanted to share. It is now a space to share information on things of interest to an anti-racist audience, promote POC-made steampunk media, and very occasionally share Jha's attempts to create a theory of steampunk that would make it more inclusive, or at least, more honest.

Silver Goggles is informed by a range of studies from postcolonialism, feminist theory, intersectionality, and critical race theory, to provide analyses that will hopefully be productive. It is also set up to mock those who think they have the answers to deal with racism but which simply regurgitates common but harmful and trite comments. It also compiles links for people interested in educating themselves on best harm reduction methods.

The overall goal of Silver Goggles is to search out and produce strategies for the promotion of racial diversity within steampunk. It is at turns thoughtful, snarky, informal, academic, resentful, celebratory, informational, resistant, and many other complex things that make up a blog-reading experience.

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