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1008. Steampunk Scholar

Steampunk Scholar began at the very end of 2008, as Mike Perschon's dissertation research outlet. Perschon intended the site to act as a hub for conversation on his research: a virtual space to publish his ideas and get reactions and challenges from steampunks online.

Within the first year, Perschon ascertained that his audience was primarily interested in his book reviews, and focused the site's content. While he continued to post about general steampunk from time to time - the debacle over steampunked Disney being an example - Perschon's posts are primarily about steampunk literature; since 2009, Perschon has reviewed 63 steampunk novels, a handful of anthologies,and individual short stories, and several films. In addition to book reviews, Steampunk Scholar offers a number of bibliographies for researching steampunk.

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