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1004. Jaymee Goh

Jaymee Goh is a writer, blogger, scholar and thinker of steampunk postcolonialism. Hailing from Malaysia, she lived Canada for nine years to do an undergraduate degree in English, minoring in Creative Writing, followed by a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory. An international student, Jaymee is somewhat widely-traveled and widely-read on a variety of continents and literatures.

As of 2012, she is a PhD student at the University of California, Riverside, in the Comparative Literature department. She initially pursued a degree in English to learn how to be a better writer, but has somehow ended up a better critic of literature.

Going by the moniker Jha online, she writes about steampunk from a postcolonial perspective, with the question "how can steampunk be used to make sense of racism and help racial minorities assert their heritage and equal footing?" as her guiding framework. She is especially interested in how self-identified People of Colour participate in the steampunk subculture.

Her fiction tends towards the fantasy genres and she is also deeply interested in exploring hybrid languages and non-Anglo alternatives in her work. Jaymee also researches Malaysian history to analyse race relations. She does all this despite being tremendously lazy, which is her codeword for depression.

She loves attending WisCon, can't handle large crowds of people, likes baking chocolate cake, and has firm opinions on what good food tastes like. She is fascinated by the idea of urban agriculture, tries to recycle or at least reduce her trash, occasionally likes hiking, and bitches about U.S. immigration on the regular. She can navigate, but she can't drive.

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